Singapore food is the best in the world! At least to me. Singapore is a true melting pot of many cultures and hence, the food authentic to many ethnicities has found its way to stay in Singapore.

Since I grew up in Singapore, I am familiar with most of the food that has made its home in Singapore: Chinese food from various dialect groups, Southeast Asian delights, North and South Indian cuisines, European food from our colonial days and even Middle Eastern, North and South American food. We try, learn, eat and appreciate anything from young. All these has become part of Singapore.

Some, however, have stayed longer than others, and I will let you know which are more ‘Singaporean’ and which are ‘less’. Those I cook can all be found in Singapore, and probably taste as authentic in Singapore as where they originate.

Slightly more than a year ago, I started putting up the food I cook at home on Facebook, to remind myself the taste I want to achieve for each dish. At the same time, I tried to inform my husband what our kids are eating.

You see, recipes in the cookbooks and on the Internet are not always accurate or to my liking. I tend to change the ingredients according to what I like, and also create short cuts, or rather time saving techniques, for myself.  This is because I have to cook everyday, three times a day, and to be so detailed or spend so much time in the kitchen does not work for me.

Before I knew it, that Facebook album now takes too long for me to find my things. I have to scroll through hundreds of pictures to find the recipe I need.  So, one Sunday morning, on May 24, 2015, I just registered a website, downloaded wordpress, got a nice template and put this website up.

I spent about $150 getting this website done, and about an hour to configure it. After that, they say, it is history. Now I can find my stuff, categorize them according to my needs, and also tag whatever I want.  What a bliss.

For most moms, whether we stay at home or work full-time (like me), we need to make sure our kids are fed the best stuff we know, and it always involves some kind of cooking.  Those who are not moms need to eat too, and it is a daily affair.

Cooking is therefore part of our daily lives, and technology, as always, is the best tool for something we do so often. So, I am using it to the best I know.

Do share this with the like-minded and if you have ideas or recipes to share.  Do feel free!

~ Pamela Lim