Airfried Chicken Wings


10 pcs mid wings


1 tbs light soya sauce

1/2 tbs dark soya sauce

1 tbs hua diao

2 tsp Sugar (I used maple sugar)

Few drops of sesame oil

And dash of pepper


1 egg white (beaten)

2 - 3 tbs all purpose season flour (I used KFC)


  1. Pad dry n marinate wings with seasonings for at least 30 mins.
  2. Coat wings with beaten egg white n then dump into zip block bag of season flour.
  3. Shake bag to even coat of flour.
  4. Place a pc of parchment on top of aluminium foil n fold edges to attach both together. ( to prevent direct contact of wings to aluminium foil n also prevent wings from sticking to basket.
  5. Line the basket with this.
  6. Shake off excess flour of wings n arrange on parchment, skins face down.
  7. Airfry at 200C for 7 mins (no need preheat)
  8. Flip wings n airfry another 5 mins. Done.