Around the year 2000, these started to appear in Malaysia and spread to Singapore. They were so trendy. Some call theirs rotiboy, Mr Bun, coffee dome. etc etc etc. When they first appeared, we used to buy 10 and get one free every weekend, until we got tired. The sad thing is, I think everybody got tired as well. It was trendy and very soon, these specialist shops’ bubble burst just like the bubble tea bubble. (pun intended)

As an entrepreneur lecturer, I often wonder why there was no case study done, or business plan written. Hm… those were just Mexican conchas, with coffee added, and of course they can reinvent this concept into something more sustainable, no?

How we brand the company and determine what it does changes the longevity or sustainability of our businesses. With just a few tweak, these roti shops can become really big, with little innovation and little additional investment.

But ah! This is just me, the entrepreneur and don thinking.

Today’s bake, I just added 2 teaspoons of coffee and brandy into a standard Mexican conchas recipe. I changed the bun into a new sweet bun bread that requires just one proof, and added butter and cheese to the core of the bun.

The result … everybody (except me) had 3 buns each. Nice. Takes less time to make than to drive all the way to buy a few buns.

Bailey’s Roti

Bailey’s Roti


One-proof bun

120g Fresh Milk

1 egg

90g Plain Flour

180g Bread Flour

40g Raw Sugar

2g Salt

40g Unsalted Butter

4g Instant Yeast

'Bailey's cream

1 Tablespoon instant coffee

1 Tbsp Brandy

100g Unsalted Butter at room temperature

100g Low gluten or cake flour

80g Icing sugar

1 egg

1g salt

1 Tbsp hot water




Coarse sugar


  1. Combine everything except the butter and knead till shiny (on the Thermomix, it took 4 minutes)
  2. Add butter and knead till dough passes window pane test (another 4 minutes on the Thermomix)
  3. Divide dough into 40g each, you will get about 12 portions.
  4. Put 1/2 tsp each of cheese, butter and coarse sugar into each and seal.
  5. Shape into a ball and cover tightly with cling wrap.
  6. Allow to raise for about 30 minutes at 40C, 85% humidity.
  7. Bailey Cream Topping
  8. Dissolve the coffee in the hot water.
  9. Add the sugar and dissolve.
  10. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir into a paste.
  11. Place the Bailey's cream paste into a piping bag with a round nozzle.
  12. When the buns have completed proving, piple spirals on the buns and bake for 15 minutes at 190C.
  13. Eat warm or even hot!

Roll into a ball, then flatten into a disc.


Put the mixture of sugar, cheese and butter inside the dough.

12294856_10208213839853825_6808253877080450257_n (1)

Roll into a ball again and proof for 30 minutes at 40C.

12289715_10208213838373788_2712028012292921564_n (1)

When fully proven, pipe a spiral of bailey’s cream evenly.


You can also shape it into a swirl.

11045846_10208213837573768_3589010243509266289_n (1)

That’s the Bailey’s roti.


How it looks like ithose shaped as swirls.


A bun is done when 2/3 of its base is nicely golden browned.