basic meringues

basic meringues

Meringues are so important in our baking. We use it all the time, from making sponge cakes, swiss rolls, marshmallows, Japanese cheesecakes, souffles, pavlova etc etc etc.

Basically, meringues make baked products softer and fluffier, and exists in three stages: Soft peak, medium peak and stiff/firm peak. Soft peaks fall from the whisk in a ribbon state, medium peak which loosely hangs from the whisk and the last stage of a firm peak which is stiff and where there is no sag as in the medium peak.

There are many kinds of meringues, and I have listed them here:



Basic Meringue

4 Egg whites

200g Sugar

2 tsp Corn starch (if baked)

Italian Meringue

4 Egg whites

250g Sugar boiled to soft ball stage

Swiss Meringue

5 Egg whites

120g. Caster sugar

120g. Icing sugar


5 Egg whites

200g. Confectioners’ sugar

100g. Almond/Hazelnut flour

55g. Flour

Fruit Meringue

5 Egg whites

0.2cups Glucose

250g. Sugar

250g. Strawberry purée


    Basic Meringue
  1. Whip the whites to a soft peak
  2. Rain in the sugar while mixing until the mixture is stiff
  3. Add corn starch if product is to be baked
  4. Italian Meringue
  5. Whip the whites to a soft peak and pour in the hot sugar mixture while whipping
  6. Whip until the mixture is cold and stable
  7. Italian meringue has the best stability and finest consistency
  8. Swiss Meringue
  9. Beat the whites and the caster sugar in a warm bain-marie until stiff
  10. Then whip until cold and fold under the icing sugar
  11. It has less volume than ordinary meringue but has a finer and more stable consistency
  12. Japonaise
  13. Whip the whites to a soft peak and fold under the confectioners’ sugar
  14. Mix the almonds and flour through and fold through the meringue
  15. Pipe or spread onto a baking sheet and bake at 300°F until set
  16. Fruit Meringue
  17. Boil the sugar and glucose to the soft ball stage, pour in the strawberries and cook once again to the soft ball stage
  18. ¾ whip the egg whites then pour in the hot sugar