10538414_10209047160766327_6342280272638519891_n942883_10209047345570947_8991694254620991577_n1919362_10209047161246339_2188739727333601171_n 1424425_10209047163286390_190970270132039243_n 1917493_10209047164406418_2248509537011825109_n 12522963_10209047165406443_327983251169126986_n 12512486_10209047166446469_3137012704475095699_nWe eat these on a daily basis in Singapore. It is sold literally everywhere. When I was teaching in SMU, I used to arrange my classes back to back, in that I taught continuously for six hours with just a 15 minutes’ break in between. On days I did not pack a lunch, my students would buy me a bao. I don’t like to buy chicken bao from the stalls because I feel that they are low quality. But at home, it is simply great.

I use only the thigh meat, and I cook it like a pork bun. Since we don’t eat pork these days, I have made the chicken bao in the way I like my pork bao. You cannot really tell if this is chicken or pork. I mince the chicken from thigh filet meat in a blender.

Chicken Dumpling

Chicken Dumpling


Dumpling skin (everything must be white, except the yeast)

400g Hong Kong Flour

40g Corn Flour

1g Salt

60g sugar

1/4 teaspoon of baking powder

20g vegetable shortening or coconut oil (white-translucent in color - can omit)

190ml warm water at 40C

7g Instant yeast


400g Chicken thigh meat (minced in blender, Thermomix #6 for 20seconds, reverse #2 for 2 minutes)

2 stalks spring/green onions, thin slices

Ginger juice from one thumb size ginger (pound till fine, then squeeze juice)

1 Tbsp Oyster sauce

1 Tbsp sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon pepper

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon light soya sauce

1 teaspoon corn flour

4 hardboiled eggs, divide into eighths (optional)


  1. First mince the chicken in a blender. If there is a reverse in the blender, put the rest of the ingredients for the filing, (except the hardboiled eggs) in and reverse beat it for another 3 minutes. Otherwise, do this manually: place all the ingredients in a big bowl, and use a pair of chopsticks and stir in one direction until the chicken meat is 'springy'. It takes about 5 minutes of stirring.
  2. Divide them equally to 30 portions. Wrap each portion with a slice of hardboiled eggs.
  3. Freeze till the dough is ready.
  4. Dumpling Skin
  5. Place everything in a mixer and mix in medium speed for 5 minutes. (Thermomix knead, 5 minutes)
  6. Let it rise for 30 minutes, Covered.
  7. Then, shape them into 50g each.
  8. Roll the sides till thin, then put in a portion of the meat, and then pinch it up. Put the buns over a piece of paper. I just use cupcake liners.
  9. Let rise for 20-30 minutes, or until the dumpling doubles its size.
  10. Steam for at least 15 minutes.
  11. Let it sit in the steamer for another minute before removing.
  12. Serve immediately.