This sauce is the main sauce we use in almost every single Oriental cooking. It is amazing and so flexible.

You can use it for any kind of meet, any kind of vegetables, any kind of occasion, any kind of cooking method. The result is always different depending on what you cook. It is so flexible, I use it every single day. No kidding.

But no one will know, because it is a sauce that does not impose, it only enhances whatever it is cooking. So if you run out of idea, use this.

Just a handful of example of dishes you can cook:

  • Stew any kind of meat like Beef tendon and beef cheeks

    Stew beef and tendon

  • Three cup chicken

    3 cups chicken

  • Steam chicken (use sauce to season before steaming)
    steamed chicken with mushroom

    steamed chicken with mushroom

  • Steam chicken feet
  • Steam pork ribs (add black soya beans)
  • Chicken and potatoes
  • Steam fish
  • Duck and yam

    Duck and Yam Stew

  • Fried noodles
  • Steam fish
  • Stir fried any kind of vegetables

    Stir fried any kind of vegetables

  • Stir fried any kind of meat (cut into bite sizes)
My Oriental Sauce



1 Tbsp Sesame Oil

1 tsp soya sauce

1 Tbsp Chinese Wine or Brandy

1 Tbsp Oyster sauce (or bullion powder)


A knob of ginger (sliced or diced tthinly)

A few cloves of garlic (chopped) if braising, use whole

1 onion sliced (optional)


1 Tbsp cooking oil (if you want more oil)

Black Sauce (for colour)

Pepper (for heat)

Chilies (for more heat)

1/4 cup hot water (if you want more sauce)

1/4 cup of lukewarm water + 1/2 teaspoon of corn starch (if you want thick gravy)

Toppings (choose as many or as few you desire)

Sliced spring/green onions

Sprigs of coriander

Cut chilies

Fried shallots

Sliced ginger


  1. In a hot pan/pot, fry the sesame oil and oil (if using).
  2. Add the aromatics and make this fragrant. The garlic and ginger brown, the onions turn yellow.
  3. Add your veggies and meat.
  4. Add the sauce ingredients (except for the corn starch if using)
  5. When everything is cooked or you've reached the 'softness' of the meat, add the corn starch mixture.
  6. Let it boil for 1 more minute and serve.