500g plain flour or bread flour

130g water

1 Tbsp alkaline water

1 tsp salt

2 Tbsp corn starch for coating


1 kg pork bones

1 kg pork belly (optional - tied into a round)

1 big onion or white parts of spring onions

1 thumb size of ginger (sliced)

1/4 cup soya sauce

1 piece of rock sugar (adjust according to your liking)

1/8 cup sake


2 cups sauce from chashu (strain oil)

2 cups of dashi (you can either make this or mix water with powdered dashi)

Ajitsuke Tamago (Flavoured soft boiled eggs)

4 medium sized eggs at room temperature

1/8 cup soya sauce

1/8 cup mirin

1 tsp sugar


Sliced green onions / scallions

Yaki Nori (thick toasted sea weed)

Sliced Naruto maki (Japanese pink and white fish cake)

Japanese toasted sesame seeds

Shichimi togarashi

Variations of soups

Shio (salt) to taste

Soyu (soya sauce) to taste

Miso (miso) to taste


  1. Mix all the ingredients except the corn starch in a mixer or using hand (muscles!). They resemble crumbs and don't come together. Don't be tempted to add more water. The less water you incorporate, the more texture your ramen will have.
  2. Then use a pasta machine on the thickest to roll out dough into flat sheets (about 4 of them), roll at least 10 times to get 4 smooth doughs.
  3. Coat the dough sheets both sides with corn flour or corn starch.
  4. Run the dough through the machine on the 2nd thinnest your machine can handle (you will need to experiment this, thickness differs from machine to machine)
  5. Cut noodle using spaghetti cutter.
  6. Cook Ramen
  7. Bring a large pot of water with a handful of salt to boil.
  8. Put in 1/4 of the ramen, stir to ensure the noodles don't stick to the bottom.
  9. When the noodles float and the water boils again, use a sieve or strainer to scoop it out and dunk the noodles into ice water. Leave it there until ready to serve.
  10. Ajitsuke Tomago (Egg)
  11. Boil water in a pot first. Then lower the fire to a point the water is barely boiling.
  12. Lower the eggs carefully into the water.
  13. Eggs should be in the hot water for exactly 6 minutes.
  14. Scoop out the eggs into ice water or a big bucket of room temperature water.
  15. Leave eggs in there until completely cooled.
  16. While eggs are boiling, combine the dipping egg sauce.
  17. Soak eggs in the sauce for at least 30 minutes. You can put them in a bag, I am too lazy, I leave them in a deep bowl.
  18. Chashu
  19. Add everything into a pressure pot (faster) or any deep pot and cook until pork is soft.
  20. Slice into thin slices to serve.
  21. Broth
  22. Add everything together and bring to a boil.
  23. Set aside to be used.
  24. Put together
  25. First the ramen, then all the toppings, then the soup, adjust the saltiness with one of the options (salt, soya sauce or miso).
  26. Serve, and enjoy the fruit of your labour!

Cook everything from scratch! It tastes wonderful and you don’t have to guess what goes into anything! This is a relatively simple recipe compared to what people do to get their ramen. But it is equally tasty.