10325360_10208997283799434_147533850935308238_n 12814209_10208997286319497_1847682522084320181_n 10154042_10208997285119467_2117396621080702754_n 1930802_10208997284599454_2012634907725534881_n 12821604_10208997286639505_581914790836652412_nI made red bean soup, a lot, a lot of it, perhaps two kilograms. And nobody is eating it anymore. So I added more sugar and made azuki toppings, a lot, a lot of it. And people got tired of green tea with azuki beans. So I still have 500g left. I made them into buns. 🙂 So here they are.

Made them into a bridal loaf because I like the look of it. Of course it can be shaped into individual buns or even spiraled and swirled into a loaf.

Red Bean Bread

Red Bean Bread



1 tangzhong recipe bread


200g red bean paste or tausar

(made with 75g of red beans, 150g water, 75g sugar and 25g lard/oil)


    Red Bean Filings
  1. Using a pressure cooker, cook the red beans, sugar and water for at least 45 minutes.
  2. Uncover the pressure cooker and continue to cook over the heat until the water evaporates almost completely. Careful not to burn it.
  3. Transfer the beans to a blender and blend till smooth. You can sieve this now if you want a very smooth paste.
  4. Add oil or lard and cook the paste till it is smooth. Add sugar if desired.
  5. Thermomix method
  6. After pressure cooking the beans, transfer it to a thermomix and add oil (#3, 100C, 30minutes) and blend and cook until it becomes a paste. Watch carefully, how long it takes depends on how watery your red beans are, it might take a shorter time.
  7. Leave them to cool, then shape the red beans into 30g balls.
  8. Wrap them into the bread dough of 30g each.
  9. Arrange them in a round or ring pan.
  10. Bake at 190C on a medium to high shelf for 20 minutes.
  11. You know they are done when the sides of the loaf (next to the sides of the cake pan) has turned golden brown.
  12. When done, brush the top of buns with butter.