When I was little, my mum would make fried rice and then cut some ice berg lettuce. We love Sang Choy, or iceberg lettuce, especially when we can put fried rice into them and eat them like a ‘bao’, or dumpling.

In the western world, we are more familiar with the same lettuce wrapped in meat. The most common being a minced meat. So here’s the Sang Choy Bao my kids love, in Thai larb.

Sang Choy Bao

Sang Choy Bao


1 Tbsp Kao khua (powder sweet rice – dry fry glutinous rice to brown: 15 minutes, and then mill it to flour)

300g Pork mince (if using chicken, I like to grind chicken thighs)

Ground Paste

1 Chili

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 bunch of Coriander leaves

1 Tbsp Lime juice

1 Tbsp Fish sauce

2 Shallots

Sauce (Optional)

1 tsp Palm Sugar

1 Tbsp Fish sauce

1 Tbsp Lime juice


  1. Heat a pot and put in the minced meat.
  2. Add the ground ingredients. Stir till meat is cooked. Add in the Kao Khua.
  3. Prepare the lettuce by removing the leaves and sit the lettuce bowl on a serving plate.
  4. Place minced meat into the lettuce bowls.
  5. Make the dressing whipping the salad dressing ingredients together.
  6. Thai dishes are normally served with chili flakes, sugar and chili slices.