In making tempura, for me, it is like having a chemistry reaction. You drop the meat/veggies inside and it goes ‘zarrrr….’, and almost immediately, it is cooked. Satisfaction!

Just flour and water, and that’s all I use for the batter, I realize the eggs make the batter less crispy. The differential in the batter and oil temperature is the key to master. Everything else is quite rudimentary, actually. 🙂

12705268_10208774477589418_1459403033244939715_n 12718173_10208774477749422_2291318015664324015_n 12744064_10208774477869425_5631035600215597392_n 12715552_10208774478189433_8892499673916121536_nMy daughter’s absolute favourite, easy to make, just 10 minutes, including making your own dashi stock from bonito flakes. Beats eating instant noodles and oh… so much nicer….


Tempura Ramen

Tempura Ramen


4 bundles of ramen/udon/soba noodles


4 cups of dashi stock

1/4 cup light soya sauce (soyu)

1/3 cup mirin


Green onions

Shichimi togarashi


Tempura prawns or any other kinds of tempura

Tempura prawns

8 tiger prawns (I could only find medium banana prawns but it works)

1/2 cup self-raising or tempura flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda if using tempura flour

1/2 cup water soaked in crushed ice


    Tempura Prawns
  1. Deshell prawns and remove sand veins.
  2. Cut the belly side in 1 cm intervals, half way down the prawns.
  3. Stretch prawns to make them longer along these cuts, but do not break prawns.
  4. Dip into flour, set aside.
  5. Roughly add the iced water together with some crushed ice to the flour, do not mix thoroughly. Some flour should still be visible.
  6. The oil must be super hot, because your batter is ice cold.
  7. From a low height, drop down some batter. You should get tempura bits.
  8. Dip the prawns into the batter and then into the hot oil, it takes just 1/2 minute to cook.
  9. Drain and arrange on plate or in the noodles.
  10. Noodles
  11. Bring all the ingredients to boil.
  12. Add the noodles and cook till al dente.
  13. Add toppings.