Once in a while, I would buy some liver and we would cook the same thing again and again: in porridge, in soups, fried in onions and ginger. So today, I wanted to do a salad. Here’s a spicy Thai version. A really nice change.

Thai Spicy Sweet Liver (Tab Wan)

Thai Spicy Sweet Liver (Tab Wan)


2 Tbsp Stock

100g Pork Liver (sliced to 5 mm)

2 bunches Spring Onions (sliced to 5 mm)

1 bunch Coriander leaves

10 Mint leaves

3 Fried red dried chillies

3 shallots or 1 small onions, sliced

1 tsp chili flakes

2 tsp Fish sauce

2 Tbsp Kao Kua (glutinous rice, toasted and then grounded)

1 tsp Sugar

Half a lime


Mesclun salad or lettuces


  1. Heat a pot with the stock.
  2. Add the liver and cook for about 1 minute.
  3. Add all the rest of the ingredients except the mint leaves.
  4. Fry for another minute or until the stock is absorbed.
  5. Give a squeeze of lime and serve on a bed of salad.

Here’s a sweet lady showing you how to do the sweet liver Thai style.