The few common Thai curries include the red, yellow, green, massaman and Phanaeng or Penang curries. I love all of them, and it depends on what mood I am into.

The yellow curry or Kaeng Som is a sour and spicy fish or prawn curry with vegetables popular in central Thailand. The curry is  sour which comes from tamarind, and sugar is used to sweeten the curry.

As in all curries of the world, you can use any kind of meat or sensible vegetables into it. Today, I used just cabbage, mushrooms and prawns.

It is flavourful and appetizing.

Thai Yellow Curry

Thai Yellow Curry


1/2 a cabbage, cut into 3cm x 3cm square pieces

1/2 can straw mushrooms

Handful of carrots, peas, sweet potatoes etc (optional)

200g prawns

1/2 cup coconut creme

Curry spice

1 tsp tumeric powder

1 tsp coriander seed powder

1 tsp cumin powder

1 large onion

5 cloves garlic

1 lemon grass

5 coriander roots


  1. Grind all the spice mixtures.
  2. Fry the spice mixture in a medium fire until fragrant.
  3. Put vegetables in and stir through
  4. Add some water if required, and continue to do this until vegetables are almost done
  5. Add in the prawns.
  6. when prawns are cooked, add the coconut creme.
  7. When it comes to a boil, remove from heat and serve with rice.