I had not thought of writing up this recipe, since it is quite common sense, I thought. But then, I remember this is my younger daughter’s favourite and I must document it for her in case she ever wants to cook it for herself.

Simple recipe. I do make this when I’ve collected a lot of fish bones. Normally bones and heads of three large fishes. With a tinge of XO, this is a fantastic dish.


XO Fish Bee Hoon

XO Fish Bee Hoon


250g dried bee hoon


1/4 cup oil

Bones and heads of 3 large fishes

3cm cube ginger

4 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon bullion powder

1.5 liters of water


1kg fish meat (cut into about 2cmx x 5cm)

Salt and pepper

1/4 cup rice flour

2 Tbsp XO or brandy (I used cordon bleu)


Fried shallots

Sliced green onions

Cut chilies

Sesame oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Evaporated milk


  1. Make the stock by first frying the garlic and ginger in oil, until golden brown, in a pressure cooker pot. Then fry the fish bones.
  2. Add the boiling water and cover. Cook for 1 hour.
  3. Meanwhile cook the noodles and fish.
  4. Noodles
  5. Place half a pot of hot water and a teaspoon of salt over the stove and when it is boiling, add the beehoon. Follow instructions on the package for the length of cooking or until cooked.
  6. Rinse the noodles when it is cooked with cold water to finish the cooking.
  7. Divide the noodles into bowls, and add 2 tablespoons (or desired amount) of evaporated milk in each bowl.
  8. Season the stock according to taste. And pour over noodles. Then top with desired toppings.
  9. Fish
  10. Season fish with salt and pepper and coat with rice flour.
  11. Fry the fish in 2 cups of cooking oil, until golden.
  12. Use it as a topping.